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Walter Henry "Jack" Beal Jr. (June 25, 1931 – August 29, 2013), was an American realist painter. Jack Beal was born in Richmond, Virginia and he lived in Oneonta, New York with his wife, artist Sondra Freckelton. He died in Oneonta in August 2013. Beal achieved recognition in New York City and elsewhere during the 1960s. His realist paintings were seen in solo exhibitions at the Allen Frumkin Galleries in New York City and Chicago, and dozens of other galleries in New York, Boston, Miami, Paris and elsewhere. His paintings have been included in important exhibitions at The Whitney Museum of American Art and the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, among other fine art institutions. In 1976, Beal was elected into the National Academy of Design as an Associate member, and became a full member in 1983.


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