Harold Ancart - Subliminal Standard
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Subliminal Standard

Harold Ancart May 2019 - March 2020

Cadman Plaza Park, Cadman Plaza East, Brooklyn, NY, USA

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Title Subliminal Standard
Artist Harold Ancart
Created May 2019
Commissioned by Public Art Fund
Location Cadman Plaza Park, Cadman Plaza East, Brooklyn, NY, USA
Map Google Map
Date Added to Art Pigeon May 2019
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Jan. 30, 2019

Brooklyn Art Exhibit Is A Handball Court You Can Actually Play On

USA Patch

The piece will be titled "Subliminal Standard" refers to the standard set of colors ... painting on it so that the public can experience the piece being created. "Harold Ancart paints in a highly physical and meditative manner, almost like an athlete ...

April 26, 2019

NYC spring art guide 2019: Don’t-miss exhibits, events, and installations

The New York Skyline

In-process concept rendering of Harold Ancart: Subliminal Standard at Cadman Plaza Park in Brooklyn, courtesy the artist. (Design and orientation are subject to change) “Subliminal Standard” is an interactive new commission by Brooklyn-based ...

April 30, 2019

New Art Installation in Cadman Plaza Inspired by NYC’s Handball Courts

Untapped Cities

Harold Ancart, Subliminal Standard at Cadman Plaza Park presented by Public Art Fund, 2019. Photo: Nicholas Knight, Courtesy of Public Art Fund, NY Ancart, who has been exploring the world of ...

May 1, 2019

Just Opened: A Massive New Handball Court-Inspired Artwork In Cadman Plaza Park, Brooklyn!


Public Art Fund has just unveiled Subliminal Standard, an immersive painted sculpture by Brooklyn-based, Belgian-born artist Harold Ancart. Free and open for the public to enjoy, the work is inspi ...

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